Gravity Reel by Joao Miranda

Here is my unbiased review after a few days of playing around with the Gravity Reel…


This review is not sponsored in any way, so I will judge the product without taking the creator’s reputation into consideration. I will try to provide the most transparent opinion, so you will have better insight beyond the product description.


You get a very classy magnetic black box covered by a sleeve with the logo of the device beautifully printed with silver foil. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • The link to the instructional video & Facebook Group, 
  • Dual Motor ITR + Remote Control
  • 1 x microUSB dongle to charge your device
  • 1 x spool with 15m of thread
  • 2 x empty spare spools for the reel
  • 1 x gravity tack (some kind of magician wax)  that holds for about 20 performances
  • 1 x spooling KIT, so that you fill your spools with thread easily, under 1 minute.
  • 1 x warranty code (that also gives you access to Tom Wright personal e-mail so you can ask questions if you need help with your routines).


The ITR & Remote are built from quality materials that are not easy to break and should last a long time if they are handled with care.
The gimmick is stocked with a lot of amazing new features unseen to other reels like:

  • A double motor system that allow you to use the thread in a loop or each motor individually to achieve amazing effects that are not possible with any other reels
  • The option to record up to 4h of performance, basically the reel is recording every movement you make, vibration sequence, time intervals and then you can play them with a push of a button and the motors will reproduce every single movement you recorded.
  • The vibration system that can attention you when your routine starts / stops or a new movement is about to happen which is vital on the pre-recorder routines!
  • The adjustable speed control between 1-8 which allow you to set how strong the pull will be and how tensionate will be the stretched thread.
  • USB rechargeable battery for the reel and controller provides constant energy that can last up to 100 performances until next recharge, anyway a “Low Battery” indicator is placed on both the controller and Reel, so you always know when it’s time to charge.

Each Gravity Reel unit is assembled & programmed by hand and you can see the different stages in the video below.

The mechanism of the reel is easy to understand but it will take time to work with it, is not that kind of gimmicks that you can use without practice!
The device is developed with a worker magician in mind so it can be easily used for close-up, parlor, stage and of course social media.
Gravity reel is something new on the ITR devices market!
It allows you to perform great range of effects that you not even thought is possible with no effort at all.
The GR have 3 modes of usage:

  • ITR mod – in this mod the reel behaves like an electronic ITR that will retract your thread every time when you release it. But this mod comes with something really cool… you can adjust the speed / tension of the ITR for each individual motor
  • Live mod – here the thread will remain loose until you press the button for the nominated motor
  • Recorded mod – how I said above this mod allows you to record an entire routine that will be played on a simple push of a button!

The thread is researched and perfected by João Miranda & Tom Wright to be strong, smooth and invisible, but if is not handled with care it will break very easily, however it can be fixed very fast (under 30sec).
The device also has some build in magnets which allows you to attach it to any metalic surface so you can be gimmick free when you perform!

All I can say is that I’m in love with this device. The time and involvement to design this device was crazy but with help from the one and only Tom Wright who’s an ITR expert for over 15years, João managed to release an amazing device!


The videos are divided in 3 categories with multiple video each:

  • Operating the ITR
  • Effects (Easy / Intermediate / Advanced / Hoop / Bonus )
  • Extras

The videos are very well made, as you can expect and everything is brand new or revolutionary compared to other ITR instructional videos. In the video instructions, João Miranda & Tom Wright takes you through how to set up, use and maintain the Gravity Reel device and some amazing effects you can achieve with it.

The videos covers:

  • Intro
  • What you received
  • Reel & Remote Overview
  • Hiding the Reel & Remote
  • GR Modes (ITR / LIVE / REC)
  • Threading the reel
  • Hoop System
  • Programing speed
  • Lightning tips
  • Final words

Effects explained in the video includes:


  • Blowback
  • Ring Slide
  • The Fall
  • Hells Bell
  • Anti-Gravity Ball


  • Kinetic Note
  • Gravity Bill
  • Seance
  • Exorcist #1
  • The Possession
  • WaterFall


  • Exorcist #2
  • Oblivion
  • Gravity Ring


  • StandUp Glasses
  • Rubber Band Link
  • Surya Floating Bill
  • Surya Ring
  • Surya Rising Card
  • Ghost Deck


  • The Rising Phoenix
  • The Rising

While the tutorials are very short, the informations are straight to the point and easy to understand. 

Most of the effects are brand new and created in such a way that will have a huge impact on your spectator. However, there are a few basic ones but the explanation gives you the flexibility to create your own routines with these ideas. Before you start playing with the gimmick, you need to have a good idea of what you want to do with it.

My personal favorite are the Anti-Gravity Ball & Gravity Ring. They are very powerful and will make your spectator to think that you really have telekinetic powers. 

Overall, Gravity Reel is a versatile device and there is no short of ideas with it. After all, it’s up to the magician on how to utilise this device. For beginners, you may want to play with some simple routines at first and progress to more complicated ones after your repertoire grows.


THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER’S DEVICE. This is an advanced tool for professionals seeking to take their IT work to the next level. 

If you are not familiar with IT, IT work, or ITR’s, I highly recommend you start with a product like the  Adam Wilber –  Grandfather’s Top ,  UFO card , etc.

The effects thought in the videos how I mentioned early starts from Easy > Advanced so basically is everything there for everyone! 

If you’re a professional thread head looking to up your game and produce some truly jaw-dropping effects, then the Gravity Reel is well worth your while.  


Most of the time the angles are invisible but this depends a lot of the effect that you’ve decided to perform… for some of them you need to do some crowd management but when the trick will “punch” the audience will be delirious! 


The spectators should never see the device but if they want to inspect the used objects (bill, coin, ring, etc…) well, surprise it can be fully examined.


Due to the complexe construction of the electrical device this will be hard to repair without a proper knowledge. However if is the thread… how I said earlier it will take max 30sec to fix it. 


The spectators will 100% remain stunned seeing your performances. With so many ITR devices on the market, what makes Gravity Reel different? The simple answer is the everything from dual motors to speed and versatility of the device.

With the GR in your pocket, you can achieve some effects which can hardly be done with other gimmicks.  

However, in strong light, the thread can be somehow visible to spectators like any other ITR. So, the performer has to take care of how to handle the gimmick if he performs surrounded.

At the current price of £252, the Gravity Reel is something you may want to drop in your cart. As I mentioned, the device is perfectly built. I coulnd’t find any issues with the unit I got. To be honest, I am very happy with the quality. It’s just top-notch.

I will highly recommend to IT workers and those who love social media magic. It’s something you will have fun playing with and its build quality will last a long time!

The Gravity Reel is available at

Gravity Reel by Joao Miranda


Tutorial Quality


Effectiveness of Tricks






Cost Performance



  • High quality gimmick
  • Speed Control
  • Double Motor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Remote controlled


  • Device size

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