Phantom Hand by Jean Xueref

Here is my unbiased review after a few days of playing around with the Phantom Hand…


This is my first review of a magic product, so I will judge the product without taking the creator’s reputation into consideration. I will try to provide the most transparent opinion, so you will have better insight beyond the product description.


You get a small box nicely build. Inside, you’ll find the link to the instructional video, the microUSB cable to charge your Phantom Hand device, 2 spools with 15m thread each, some metal stickers to decorate your bracelet, an extension for the bracelet (in case your hand is bigger than 20cm) and of course the Phantom Hand device!


The device is really well build, should last a long time and it has some new features. First, the USB rechargeable battery provides constant energy that can last between 50 to 100 performances while other devices are powered by a simple button battery. Second, you have the micromotor which is very silent in operation and the technology that allowing the thread to be always in tension!

Each bracelet is assembled by hand and you can see the different pieces in the picture below.

The mechanism of this gimmick is easy to understand but it must have taken a lot of effort to perfect it. I am quite impressed how well the gimmick is and it should last for prolonged use.

The thread is perfect and is really strong, also with a proper pattern and practice it can be used in any environment. It is a perfect tool for close-up, parlor and social media magic.

Phantom Hand is truly a revolutionary device in invisible thread magic.  It allows you to perform IT magic with much greater ease compared to other devices.  The incredibly tiny and silent motor of PH enables you to retract the thread at will.  The thread how I said is strong, however it can be broken but you can fix it very easily and very fast, somewhere between 15 to 30 seconds.

All in all, I truly love the quality of the gimmick. From what I see, it’s made by someone with a passion for magic. Otherwise, no one will spend so much time & effort in making something like this with such a high degree of perfection.   


The video is well made, as you can expect, but there is nothing new or revolutionary compared to other ITR instructional videos. In the video instructions, Jean Xereuf himself takes you through how to set up, use and maintain the Phantom Hand device.  Several effects are also explained.

The video covers:

  • History of Phantom Hand
  • Inside of the box
  • How to adjust Phantom Hand to fit your hand
  • How to use Phantom Hand
  • Presenting some routines
  • Maintaining the Phantom Hand

Effects explained in the video includes:

  • Haunted glasses
  • Moving bill
  • The flying paper ball
  • PK (or Voodoo or Ghost) touch

While the tutorial is very short, there are only 4 ‘effects’ taught. Most of them are idea-centric but it makes you start thinking. In other words, it is flexible to create your own routines with these ideas. Before you get the gimmick, you need to have a good idea of what you want to do with it.

My personal favorites are the PK Touches. They are very intimate and make the spectator believe you really have a special power. If you are interested, I highly recommend you to take a look at ‘Psychokinetic Touches by Banachek’. You will love it.

Overall, Phantom Hand is a versatile gimmick. And there is no short of ideas with this device. After all, it’s up to the magician on how to utilize this gimmick. So I am totally fine with the tutorial because all the ideas are very solid. For beginners, you may want to play with some simple routines and progress to more complicated ones after your repertoire grows.


THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER’S ITR. This is an advanced tool for professionals seeking to take their IT work to the next level. There are some truly remarkable possibilities opened up by the constant tensioning of the thread that should provide some exciting and revolutionary effects from those with fertile and creative minds. 

So if you’re just looking for the latest toy to make you an instant IT worker, THIS ISN’T IT. But, as with all magical devices, the real worth is in what the magician does with the tool. 

If you are not familiar with IT, IT work, or ITR’s, I highly recommend you start with a product like the Adam Wilber –  Grandfather’s TopUFO card, etc.

If you’re a professional thread head looking to up your game and produce some truly jaw-dropping effects, then the PH is well worth your while. 


The angles on this are flawless, you can hold your hands and your body in a way that would appear you have nothing on you. This does not work like a typical ITR and people who think they know where to look… won’t know where to look.


The spectators will don’t know what to inspect so they will ask for the bill, piece of paper, or ring which can be fully examined.


Due to the construction, the electrical part will be hard to repair on your own. But the build is very strong. However if is the thread… how I said earlier it will take 15-30sec to fix it. 


The audience will 100% always love your performances. With so many ITR gimmicks on the market, what makes Phantom Hand different? The simple answer is the versatility of how the performer can integrate the gimmick into their routines.  

With the device on your wrist, you can achieve some effects which can hardly be done with other gimmicks.  

However, in strong light, the thread can be somehow visible to spectators. So, the performer has to take care of how to handle the gimmick if he performs surrounded.

At the current price of £116, the Phantom Hand is something you may want to look into. As I mentioned, the gimmick is perfectly made in a sense. I cannot find any issues with the unit I got. To be honest, I am very happy with the quality. It’s just top-notch.

I will highly recommend to IT workers and those who love social media magic. It’s something you will have fun playing with and its build quality will last a long time!

The Phantom Hand is available at

Phantom Hand by Jean Xueref


Tutorial Quality


Effectiveness of Tricks






Cost Performance



  • High quality gimmick
  • Can be handled naturally
  • Versatile
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Very Silent


  • The thread is always in tension
  • Need extra spools
  • Overall design

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